Go Baby Go Powered Mobility Program

Through exploration and play, infants, toddlers, and young children interact with their environment and fellow peers and, in doing so, take in a vast amount of information about the world around them.


What is Go Baby Go?

Go Baby Go offers children with significant mobility impairment a means of mobility to explore their world. Mobility is important to peer interaction, cognitive development and in motor skill development.

What will my child learn through power mobility?

Self confidence

Problem solving skills (cause/effect)

How to move through space independently

Attention to task

Motor development

Play skills and social interactions with family and friends!


How to get a Go Baby Go car:

  1. Speak with your treating therapist to fill out the Go Baby Go Application Form. If you do not have a treating therapist, or want to meet with an Adaptive Sports Connection therapist, please email maddie@taasc.org
  2. Make sure the Go Baby Go Application Form, the Adaptive Sports Connection Waiver, and Financial Aid Request Form (if needed) are completely filled out and return to Adaptive Sports Connection. Forms can be emailed to maddie@taasc.org or mailed to 6000 Harriott Rd Powell OH 43065
  3. An Adaptive Sports Connection therapist will be in contact to review your application and discuss any specific modifications needed on the car.
  4. After funding requests are reviewed and approved, cars will be ordered and assembled by Adaptive Sports Connection volunteers. If you are interested in becoming an Adaptive Sports Connection Go Baby Go volunteer, please email maddie@taasc.org
  5. Once the car is completed, you will meet with an Adaptive Sports Connection therapist at our location in Powell to learn about your car and receive a brief training on its controls. Treating therapists are encouraged to attend this meeting. You can then take your car home and enjoy!
  6. If you ever need maintainance or additional training, Adaptive Sports Connection will provide these services for the lifetime of the car.

Resources for Therapists

Car options available (coming soon)

How to choose a car (coming soon)

If you have any questions about Go Baby Go cars, or would like to schedule an evaluation for a car, please contact maddie@taasc.org or call Adaptive Sports Connection at 614.389.3921