Other Sports

TAASC continues to grow to meet the sports interests and desires of our participants. We provide opportunities for rock climbing, water skiing,  and sailing. If you have the desire, we will try and meet your needs!

With all sports, we are committed to your safety.  We have a team of skilled volunteers and sports specific trained instructors. So, Go Play! We've got you and your family covered.

climbing 3


TAASC partners with Capstone Climbing group to offer adaptive climbing in the Columbus Metro area. Climbing is typically offered a few times a month at the Scioto Audubon Metro Park climbing wall. TAASC has adaptive equipment and professional instructors to support any climber of any ability!

SUP Maddie


Through a partnership with Project 908, TAASC offers paddleboarding lessons during our summer kayaking program! TAASC's paddleboards are stable enough for beginners to learn the skills and balance for paddleboarding, while either standing or sitting on the board! Please indicate on your kayaking registration if you are interested in paddleboarding!

Goodwill sailing with outriggers

Small Boat Sailing

TAASC owns 2 small sail boats that can be sailed at the TAASC Adventure center on the Scioto river. These small sailboats can carry up to 3 passengers. Sailing is offered at large summer events such as the Water Sports Weekend - June 23 - 25. We also offer sailing by request. Contact maddie@taasc.org for more information.



Sailing group

Big Boat Sailing

TAASC members can learn to sail on a 24′ Catalina at Alum Creek Sailing Association. The boat has a capacity of 4 guests. Sailing can be arranged by appointment by calling the TAASC office at (614) 389-3921


Preston water skiing

Water Skiing

TAASC’s annual water ski camp is held in June at the TAASC Adventure Center and on the Scioto River as a part of the Water Sports Weekend.

TAASC also partners with Three Trackers of Ohio for a waterski clinic in August in the  Cleveland area and the Christian Amputee Support Team (CAST) for an annual water ski event at White Sulfur Springs in July.

TAASC has a variety of equipment for youth and adult sit skiers and stand up skiers. Lessons are provided by TAASC volunteers, many of whom have adaptive water ski certifications and experience.